PS Interior Decorative Wall Panels

  1. Product Name: PS(Polystyrene) Decorative Wall Panel
  2. Size: 595mm(Width)*5~6mm(Thickness)*any length
  3. Characteristics of PS Wall Panel
    – Moisture-proof- No deformation, warping or decay
    – No shrinkage and expansion – perfect for hot and humid environment
    – Sophisticated designs, various colors and patterns
    – Luxurious and splendid textures
    – 100% eco-friendly raw materials
    – No hazardous material – No Formaldehyde unlike PVC, MDF, PB
  4. Applications
    – Interior Wall Cladding and Other Interior Applications
    – Door/Furniture Decoration
    – Applicable in Residential and Commercial Projects
    – Office, Meeting room, Wedding Hall, Bathroom

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  1. Sir we r intrested in ps wall many design you have .what is the price .pls send full details

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